The Idea: Rossland, BC Metalworkers Team Up

Matt, a local legend and owner of a fabrication / welding business in Rossland, BC (@moustache metalworks) was frustrated by the inconvenient disposable packaging pre-rolls arrive in. Being a metalworker, he wanted a tough, elegant and convenient case that also held a lighter.

Matt drew up a napkin sketch concept and shouted out to Jeff, a local machinist and machine designer (@herrmachine) that shares a long history of collaboration with moustache metalworks.

Together we prototyped and developed the idea between our regular projects. Two long years and many design revisions later, and the Tok – the finest joint case on the planet – was born.

tok joint case shop 08

How It's Made

We precisely CNC machine these premium joint cases from solid aluminum.

After machining they get a quality check then they are off to Anodizing. Anodizing applies the color in a way that hardens the outer skin for toughness against marks and abrasions. We do another quality check before careful assembly, when we finally get to hold the newest addition to the family.

Anyone who holds a Tōk can immediately feel the precision and care taken to create it.

We hope you decide to get your hands on one too!

joint case forest 2

Social Responsibility

It’s less about the income, more about the outcome.

Words we live by. We work with many people and subcontractors in our local and surrounding communities.

Treating people with respect and making sure every relationship is a win-win is mandatory for us.

The Tok is fully manufactured in BC, Canada with North American material.

thetokcase quality shop 07

Considering The Environment

We are diligent stewards of the machinery, material, and energy we use to produce each Tok.

We recycle everything, produce enough solar energy to run the shop in summer and choose our suppliers carefully.

Decisions made about the design of the Tōk itself and about the processes we use to manufacture, package, and ship it all consider the environmental impact.

And we’re always looking for more ways to be the change we want to see.

A Note from Jeff, the Tōk Maker

I have a passion for small-scale manufacture that I hope is unmistakable the first time you hold something I’ve made.

Each Tok is lovingly brought to life in our small machine shop, located beneath the house I built where I live with my family.

In this shop I try to combine all the forces of science and technology to produce what I think is the finest joint case on the planet: the Tōk!

We recycle almost all waste, produce enough solar energy to run the shop, and choose our suppliers carefully.

It’s fully manufactured in BC, using a CNC machining process that is environmentally conscious due to careful stewardship of the machinery, material and energy used to produce the Tōk. 

We’re always looking for ways to do better as we try to be the change we want to see. 

Still curious?

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