Who made the first Tōk?

The idea came from a Rossland, BC local legend who works with metal as a welder/fabricator. He didn’t like the inconvenient packaging his pre roll joints came in, or the stigma that came with repurposing old pill bottles to carry them. He approached a designer/machinist he regularly collaborated with and together they iterated the first […]

Is the Tōk eco-friendly?

In most ways, yes! It’s fully manufactured in BC, using a CNC machining process that is environmentally conscious due to careful stewardship of the machinery, material and energy used to produce the Tōk. We recycle almost all waste, produce enough solar energy to run the shop, and choose our suppliers carefully. We’re trying our best […]

How is the Tōk made?

We have a passion for small-scale manufacture that we hope is unmistakable the first time you hold something we’ve made. We combine all the forces of science and technology to produce what may be the finest joint case on the planet. Each Tōk is purpose-built with fully machined anodized aluminum. Anodizing applies the colour coating […]

What’s it made of?

The Tōk is made of 6061T6 Aluminum that is manufactured and melted in the USA.  It’s type II anodized in Canada. It’s CNC machined on a Haas (made in USA) machining centre, and the cutting tools are primarily made in the USA as well.

How big is the Tōk?

Each Tōk is 3.5” (89mm) long, 2.9” (74mm) wide, and 0.7” (18mm) deep. It weighs 4 oz (115g). So think of it as pocket-sized. (The average men’s jeans pocket is 9.1” deep and 6.4” wide and the average women’s is 5.6” deep and 6” wide.) Oh, and the holes are: ½” (13mm) diam. x 3.3” […]