Who made this rad website?

Well, it sure as heck wasn’t one person!  An invaluable bunch to say the least, here’s the folks who were part of the team:

Laura at www.revywebdesign.ca: amazing design intuition, and a real treat to get to know and collaborate with. Look forward to continuing work!

Bobbi at www.biz.bobbibarbarich.ca: A photographer that gets 20 good shots but only seems to need to take 10! On top of her amazing product photography she runs an amazingly casual / real style of shoot. Makes for amazing shots.

Katee www.kateepederson.com: She made the product look so much better than real life we had to tone it down a notch, haha! (Katee, you know the purple) Thank you!

Val and Kyla at www.writersblocksolutions.ca:  Not just amazing wordsmiths but key in forming the marketing backbone for a lot of the others to work off of.  It was a a ton of work and a ton of laughs!

Kirstin and Chris and the www.sikpics.ca team: an amazing video from such a smooth interaction. I can’t believe how they took a conversation to a final product so smoothly – amazing design intuiting!

Ona at www.businessreachmarketing.com Without Ona none of you would have probably found us to read this! So key to the initial ‘stoke’ for the project and fantastic to work with. So much more to come too.